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All New Apostolic congregations in the Philippines and throughout Asia celebrated Thanksgiving. Altars were decorated with crops and produce to mark the traditional customs of harvest thanksgiving.  The focus in the sermon was on Psalm 104:27-28. 

“We wait for Him who gives food in due season and gather what comes from His open hand” 

God opened His hand  when He created the natural and spiritual creation. From the natural creation we get our daily bread, provided according to the law of life, sowing and harvesting. God’s hand is open for salvation in providing the spiritual nourishment, the word of God. “I ate your word and it was my joy” Prophet Jeremiah said. The Son of God described Himself as the “living bread” which came down from heaven.

“Whoever eats of this bread – of His flesh – will live forever”

Thanks and praise be to God for both the earthly and the spiritual gifts from God’s open hand.