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Chock full with information and inspiration… Edition 2/2022 of the New Apostolic member magazine community can be downloaded starting today. Here is a glance at the content.

One of the focal points is once again our annual motto: “Together in Christ”. The full divine service report reveals, among other things, how life in fellowship with the believers helps to overcome that which divides, that we should share, and work together. A look behind the scenes shows how the recording for the New Year’s message came into being.

Focus on children

And as always, community features three divine services in condensed form. One of them puts the focus on children. In this service, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider called for the members

  • to take children just as seriously as Jesus did.
  • to take children as a role model, just as Jesus presented them, and
  • not to hinder children from coming to Jesus through our own false conduct.

Children’s Corner features two articles specifically for children: one is the Bible story about the friendship between David and Jonathan. And in an interview with ten-year-old Calvin, he shows them how he lives in London (England).

Topics in debate

Fascinating and also somewhat controversial topics can be found in the Doctrine and Global News sections of this latest issue:

  • Even if there are understandable reasons for terminating a pregnancy in some cases, the position of the Church should carry special weight, considering the gravity of the decision.
  • Now that we have covered the question of what, it is time to tackle the question of who: expanding on our understanding of the concept of ministry was high on the Church’s list of things to do last year. Some initial answers have been found on the question of the ordination of women along with a detailed roadmap.
  • Should one get the jab or not? There will be no official statement from the New Apostolic Church on the question of vaccination. Just as little as on eating meat or not, or driving combustion vehicles. The Chief Apostle explains why.

The world at a glance

community is the member magazine of the New Apostolic Church. Digital access to the magazine can be obtained under, for example. The magazine is also produced as a print edition for the members of the Church in many countries where there is no or only limited internet access.

community was launched as the member magazine of the New Apostolic Church International in 2015. It is published in English, French, and Spanish. Translations into additional languages are co-ordinated regionally in the District Apostle Areas. Core articles such as the main service report or the Doctrine articles are also published in the German-language magazine Unsere Familie and its foreign-language offshoots.