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The wheel of time is turning in Singapore. Sunday, 18th August 2018 Evangelist Graf placed into a well deserved retirement in a divine service where 78 members gathered for the service conducted by District Apostle Edy Isnugroho and accompanied by Apostles Samuel Hadiwidagdo and Fred Wolf.

Evangelist Graf had served the Church as a minister for 40 years—and as Singapore rector since 2003.  In the address of his retirement, District Apostle mentioned that he was a servant of rock solid trust in God, a minister who serve the souls out of love and perseverance. On behalf of the apostolate, the ministers and the congregation the District Apostle thanked him and his wife, Anjuta. After his retirement the District Apostle announce a sharing leadership for this international and multicultural congregation. Priest Gary Chan, the local minister should be the coordinator. He is assisted and supported by Priest Rumaksono, who has just moved from Bandung, Indonesia as Trade Attache of the country, and Evangelist Ferry Soetikno in the months to come when he visit to Singapore.

The sermon was based on Luke 14:16-17.

Everything is already ready for our eternal fellowship with God: in heaven—Jesus told His disciples that He was going to leave to prepare a place for them with Him and that He would return to take them with Him. On earth—Jesus sent the Holy Spirit and His Apostles. For all of us—all those who receive the sacraments given by the Apostles and follow their teaching can access salvation, regardless of their origin or personal situation. In truth everything is ready for our salvation. Let us come to God without delay. He will give us salvation. In this divine service a sister also received Holy Sealing.

On Saturday, the ministers and wife gathered for a meeting. The District Apostle shared the verse from Hebrews 2:11.

We are sanctified by God. He has chosen and consecrated us to serve Him, to proclaim His virtues. Jesus is in solidarity with us and wants to share His glory. We are in solidarity with Jesus and our neighbour. Jesus expects us to help of our brother and sister, when they are “hungry”, “strangers”, “naked”, “sick” or “imprisoned”.