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We cannot celebrate this feast of Pentecost in a usual manner. And I must admit, last year I couldn’t imagine that we would have another, to celebrate it in this way.” The Chief Apostle began his ministry from our church in Seebach, Zurich (Switzerland) at the Pentecost service, Sunday, May 23, 2021. As a basis for his ministry, he used the passage from Romans 8:14: “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God..

In Pentecost, God the Holy Spirit reveals Himself in a special way. The Apostles felt a powerful wind blow between them and tongues of fire descending upon their heads. They could speak multiple languages. Those are the signs of power. “But it lasted only in certain time. But, more and more the Holy Spirit worked … in the soul and heart of those who were baptized and sealed.” We can see parts of the signs of power within us. Another part that we cannot see: the Holy Spirit purifies us.

Christ is our future. Our salvation consists of being transformed in the image of Jesus. We want to become like Christ, that is our salvation! “Jesus was without sin, He had always peace in His heart. He was able to love in a perfect manner. That’s our goal! In order we want to love in a perfect manner, to overcome evil, but without violence, to have a perfect peace in our hearts. That is exactly the work of the Holy Spirit.”

The Holy Spirit as the Creator of the new creation. The Holy Spirit is the Creator of the new creation. Through the baptism with water and Spirit, we are transformed into a new creation. “A great work of the Holy Spirit. He created in us something totally new,” said the Chief Apostle.

The Holy Spirit is power. “The gift of the Holy Ghost we’ve received is a guarantee you can achieve it (the transformation).” Those who are reborn out of water and Spirit will no doubt be able to transform. “But He uses this power in a very soft manner. He does not force us, all He does is, He wants to guide us. We remain absolutely free to do it or not. The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of power, but He does not force anybody “

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of movement. He motivates us, He proclaims the glory of Jesus Christ. He expresses the love of God, He creates in us the desire to be better. He tells us to move forward, and tells us to transform for the better.

The Holy Spirit as Creator

The Holy Spirit is the Creator of the new creation within us. The Holy Spirit created something that never existed before. The Holy Spirit created something totally new: the bride of Christ. He established His church to prepare them. With what we see today: it seems impossible. “Trust the Creator, the Holy Spirit! He will do it.” If we allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit, we are able to overcome our weaknesses and the Church will be led to its completion.

The Chief Apostle then remembered those whose lives had changed in the last months, because passing of the beloved ones. Because of sickness, because of the pandemic, and they now realize that they are in a whole new situation. But they are also sad because so much has not changed. “I remember all those who are living in extremely difficult situations. They have to cope with violence, with crimes. They are longing for a change, a little bit more peace … and absolutely nothing has changed. I share your suffering.” The Chief Apostle also invited all of them to trust in the power of the Holy Spirit to create something new. “Even in this awful situation, even if nothing should change, He can save you. He can create for you the way to get peace.”

The Chief Apostle also remembers those who wish to have a decent church building. “You have been waiting for it for years and years and nothing has changed,” the Chief Apostle said. Don’t forget the activities of the Holy Spirit that are not limited by the conditions that exist today. He can prepare the bride of Christ wherever you are. Those who are under the tree have the same power of the Holy Spirit as those in the church that are in good condition.

Some feel uncertain. We want to be led by the Holy Spirit. For sure the Holy Spirit will create something new. But don’t forget the Holy Spirit is one with the Father and the Son. He will work within the framework of the gospel, and within the framework of the church established by Christ. “He won’t create something that would be just His works. He’s one with the Father and the Son. This Spirit will lead the church to completion and to the perfect unity.”

Proclaiming the gospel with the power of the Holy Spirit

In closing, the Chief Apostle explained: we can share in this work of salvation by proclaiming the gospel. When we are inspired by the Holy Spirit, we can also preach the gospel with those of different beliefs. “Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. Just do it! Some will accept, many won’t accept. But let us have the courage to follow the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.”

“That’s the message for this Pentecost,” the Chief Apostle said. “Our goal is to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ.” That’s the work of the Holy Spirit, He wants to transform us, working in us. Let us accept to be guided by Him, He will always find a way to provide us peace and joy and salvation.”